Hey 99%. Looking for some way to fill your days after you get booted from Chapman and Lownsdale squares this weekend? Monday night, Poached Jobs is throwing a job fair at Spirit of '77 with folks from a few of the better restaurants in town in attendance.

If you're not familiar with Poached Jobs, it's a relatively new service that specializes the process of hiring and being hired in the local restaurant industry. Nothing against Craig, but it's a nice alternative to his list. At the job fair, in addition to meeting those with hiring power face-to-face, "Industry newcomers can get resume help and apply for OLCC and food handler’s permits while learnng from the pros about what it takes to score a service industry job in Portland’s dynamic food and drink community."

Monday, November 14th, 6pm to 8pm at the Spirit of ‘77 (500 NE MLK). A list of restaurants participating after the jump.

Olympic Provisions
Laughing Planet
Produce Row
Savoy Tavern
Por Que No
Clyde Common