Hello, friends. I had fun with some of you last night but now my head is ouchy and I’m pretty sure that my computer screen is launching knives into my eyeballs, so I’m going to make this short.


So last night’s episode showed us that Annie is moving in with Troy and Abed. Typical Britta goes all buzzkiller and warns Annie that it will mess up their friendship. But she’s right because Troy and Abed are basically giant children who have eaten too much candy and also might have development problems (is that the polite way to say re-re?). They suggest Annie live in a fort rather than the empty bedroom that they call the Dreamatorium. Meanwhile, Pierce gets fucked up off paint fumes and his drug fantasies are so awesome. I should get into paint fumes.

I really, really appreciate that this show can be so weird and theme-y but then go back to have relatable characters who do and talk about normal things. Big ups to Community.

P&R in the jump. Do it!

Parks and Recreation

You guys, not only did this episode make me laugh out loud, but at one point I actually bent over and slapped my knee. That’s how good it was.

Leslie is helping a high school’s model UN club. She and Ben go extreme nerd on it while also struggling to be friends after their sad breakup. Leslie gets to be Denmark and Ben is Peru, which don’t seem like important details until they hilariously go to war with each other, which ruins the model UN for the teens (suck it, teens!). They air some grievances and settle into being pals.

I want Ben and Leslie to get back together so bad!
Gah! I don’t think it’s going to happen for a while though.

Also,“I want to make geopolitical problem-solving my bitch” is my new life motto. That or the thing about waving a decapitated head on a stick in front of a weeping mother.

Other stuff: Ann helps Chris not be so weird in relationships, Tom gets back to work at the parks department, April and Andy seem fine again, Ron is regular aside from sanding his toenails, and Jerry is pathetic. Everybody is fine. Personal crises are on hold. I bet we’re going to get a few episodes that bring focus back to office stuff and less on relationships and that will be a nice change from where things have been the last while.

But if they want to bring back Ben and Leslie, I’d so support it.

And if anybody wants to bring me fried food, I would support that as well.