First things first: For more immediate updates on the state of things at the Occupy camp tonight and tomorrow morning, follow @theriaultpdx (that's our news editor, Denis). If you can handle some unfiltered occupy ("So! You had a conversation with the cops about capitalism!") check out the Occupy Portland livestream.

So far on Eviction Eve, it seems like Occupy is pretty cold, soggy, and conflict-free. The police did raid one tent in the parks, removing rocks they worried could be used as weapons. Denis reports:


Meanwhile, the scene is all about preparing for tomorrow. Several TV news crews have hired private security, while rumors are circulating that the National Guard is ready to provide reinforcements for the Portland police. Some people are planning a bike swarm to separate protesters from police, while others are planning a concert and potluck kumbaya, hoping hundreds of Portlanders will show up to the camp in the afternoon.

The main infrastructure of the camp are being packed up and moved out to storage—by this time, the kitchen that was turning out three meals a day is basically gone. The camp's PR team says plans have been set for decentralized locations where the protesters can disperse to and regroup after the eviction.

For now, it's just a waiting game. Here's the camp's eviction notice, courtesy of Matt Bors:

Finally, PBS Newshour had a piece about how Occupy Portland fits in with "rising tensions" nationwide surrounding the protests.