The feeling at Occupy Portland when dawn broke was one of victory: The protesters held the park! Almost no injuries and only one arrest!

As the crowd diminished—headed to bed, to breakfast—the patiently waiting police force moved in and began dismantling the remaining tents and structures in the camp. At 9:35am, the police tweeted: "Informing people that parks are closed & helping remove debris. Not forcibly removing people or property. Peaceful!"

Mayor Sam Adams spelled out this morning that the city's plan is to clear the camps out, then erect fences to keep out protesters. "Machinery moves trash, parks workers talk about how to spot and avoid used sharps in the mud," reports News Editor Denis Theriault from the scene.

The remaining protesters are split between helping the police clean up and shouting at them. Overheard: "Why don't you go fuck with big yuppie houses?!"

As word gets around that the camp is being dismantled, protesters are sending out the call to head back downtown ASAP. A mass text goes out to the Occupy list from code name "Mycelium": "More cops than campers send trucks." A general assembly is set for noon at Terry Schrunk plaza. Follow Denis for constant updates!