After two hours of a peaceful, rowdy dance party, the Occupy Portland eviction is getting tense.

Portland Police announced over PA systems that they intend to clear the streets of protesters, whose ranks fill SW Main Street. Anyone staying in the street, would be subject to arrest or use of pepper spray or tear gas. At roughly 1:45am, police in riot gear and five mounted patrol officers moved into the thick of the crowd, which booed and shouted, "You're sexy! You're cute! Take off that riot suit!" According to police, a protester threw a projectile (witnesses believe it was a firecracker) at a mounted patrol officer, injuring him. The police retreated from the crowd, sparking a hearty cheer. An ambulance had to be called to attend to the injured officer, but police reported later that he is alright.

The crowd is clearly split on staying nonviolent versus confronting the police. After the firecracker incident, numerous chants went up about remaining nonviolent, and the crowd surged as a whole, pushing the police back an entire block. As of 2:20am, the police in riot gear are face-to-face with the "front line" of protesters, who are refusing to back off the streets.

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