GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Gotta get up the nerves to get my swerve on, gotta do it fast or he'll be gone. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

My, my, my WHAT A WEEKEND. A huge turnout for the Sunday morning Occupy Portland deadline turned into a gigantic 5000-strong "New Years Eve" style street party, which eventually exhausted everyone, leaving the way clear for police to clear out Chapman and Lownsdale squares. (Pretty sneaky, sis!) This then led to Occupy reinforcements being called in, 50 people being arrested, and a very tense street standoff between riot cops and Occupiers. As has been the case so far, cooler heads have thankfully prevailed. Check out the blow by blow—featuring insanely exhaustive, thoughtful, and thorough tweets from our own @theraultpdxhere, here, and here. STAY TUNED TO BLOGTOWN FOR THE LATEST.

Here's what happened overnight: Police are now fully occupying Chapman and Lownsdale squares, a gaggle of protesters are camped underneath Hawthorne Bridge while many more marched to sleep and shower in a Unitarian church, and a NE Umpqua bank was vandalized by anarchists, who can't seem to tell the difference between Bank of America and a locally owned community lender. (NOTE TO LOCAL TV STATIONS: Attempt to rise above your usual standards, and try to identify the difference between these idiots and the overwhelming majority of Occupy Portland.)

And also? Daniel Baldwin is up. GOOD MORNING, DANIEL BALDWIN!

In other Occupy news, the Occupy Oakland camp also had a visit from the police. Check out the terrifying video, and then compare and contrast.

What's this? Banks are now resorting to hidden fees to screw over their customers? WHY, I NEVER.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to Obama's health care law—because tea baggers and the GOP wants everyone to die. In poverty.

Not that it matters at all to anybody, but the GOP held another debate on Saturday night. Sounds boring.

Herman Cain compares Michele Bachmann to "tutti-fruiti ice cream"—because she's crazy, and he hates women.

Norway shooter Anders Behring Breivik admits that he murdered 77 at a youth camp, but refuses to plead guilty—calling his spree an act of war.

Thanks to the cover-up of a child sex scandal, Penn State is (not) looking forward to a bevy of civil lawsuits against them.

Dreamy Justin Timberlake keeps his promise and attends a Marine Corp Ball. Unfortunately he combed his hair all funny. NERRRRRRD!

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: A showery, rainy week ahead with highs in the mid-50s. (Wednesday will be the WORST.)

And finally, I'm sure Erik or Alison will be posting and drooling over the new Hunger Games trailer a little later in the morning. So until then, enjoy the following movie trailer for 2016 (courtesy of Ghana) which makes every film ever made look like unwatchable horseshit. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!