Over the weekend, sci-fi author David Brin responded to comics artist Frank Miller's dumb rant against Occupy Wall Street. Brin tears Miller apart by proving that one of his best-loved comics, 300, is founded on lies and a willfully ignorant reading of history. It's titled "Move over, Frank Miller: or why the Occupy Wall Street kids are better than #$%! Spartans," and you should read the whole thing—Brin schools Miller's 300 on just about every single point, before it builds to its dramatic conclusion:

“300″ idolizes the same arrogant contempt for citizenship that eventually ruined classical Greece and Republican Rome, and that might bring the same fate to America.

It's pretty awesome stuff. Also a must-read: highly underrated comics writer Ann Nocenti's response to Miller, in which she sounds like an involved citizen of the world and not, oh, a housebound Fox News addict.