Occupy Wall Street Evicted: Police clear hundreds of protesters from the birthplace of the Occupy movement, making 200 arrests. The police wouldn't allow press in to the raid and trashed the lending library's 5,200 books... all right when Occupy's "founder" was thinking they should scale back the protest for winter.

Meanwhile, in Portland: Occupy Portland says to join them for a solidarity march at noon in Pioneer Square.

Sandusky Denies Sex Abuse Charges: The Penn State coach says he has answers for all 40 of the sex abuse charges leveled against him.

Being Undocumented is Totes Awkward: New internet TV show—"Undocumented and Awkward."

Pipe Dreams: Oil company reroutes the plan for the super controversial Keystone Pipeline out of Nebraska's sensitive Sand Hills.

Bloodiest Day in Syria: The Syrian government is cracking down—hard—on revolutionaries.

Students to Obama: "Meh." The thousands of students whose whole lives were campaigning for Obama in 2008 are not really feelin' it this time.

Cartoon Trial: Three men accused of plotting to bomb a newspaper that printed cartoons of Mohammed in 2006 are finally facing trial.

First Fine for Tarmac Delay: American Airlines is forced to pay $900,000 after leaving 600 passengers on the tarmac for more than three hours.

And in South Africa: A pet hippo kills its owner. Good day to you all.