They say the best things come to those who wait, so if you STILL have not purchased your tickets for this year's Hump! Amateur Porn Fest, well... we're sort of rewarding your procrastination. We've just added a brand new matinee screening at 2 pm on Saturday Nov 19 at Cinema 21! That leaves you two—and only two, since we probably won't most likely be adding any more screenings after this one—available options for viewing slots. (Ha, I said "slots.")

ALSO! This NEW 2 PM SCREENING features something extra special: It is the only Portland screening of Hump! that will be hosted by DAN SAVAGE, the original Hump! Host®™! And wait, it gets better: Savage will kick things off at 2 pm with a special "Savage Love Live," so come prepared with your very best sex-centric questions. To be immediately followed by the screening of Hump!

See how we bend over backwards for you? (Ha, I said "bend over.")