LOCAL LOVE—Like you needed any more proof of the fertility of Portland's music scene, but tonight's bill offers three terrific local bands—the polyglot progressivism of Wax Fingers, the moody, leaping rock of No Kind of Rider, and the math-flirting pop (or vice versa) of Yeah Great Fine. NL
Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 9 pm, $5-7

GEEK TRIVIA—Sometimes you feel alone. Sure, there are a lot of pub trivia nights in Portland—sure, you could go to those and probably scrape by every week, nailing the questions about Browncoats and NES release dates, but missing the ones about Kim Kardashian and European monarchies. But you are not alone. There's Geek Trivia. And there are prizes. MJ
Kennedy School, 5736 NE 33rd, 7 pm, FREE, all ages