The domino of Occupy evictions across the country—in Portland, Salem, Denver, Salt Lake City, and New York—this week raised the idea of a coordinated eviction effort among mayors to boot the protest all at the same time. This idea that the closely timed evictions are more than coincidence is bolstered by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan noting that she was on a conference call with 19 mayors about Occupy last week.

So was Mayor Adams on the call? He was, says mayoral spokeswoman Amy Ruiz, but the discussion was more "therapy session" than strategy meeting. The US Conference of Mayors invited 19 mayors to join the call, but asked only five (including Mayor Adams) to speak. According to Ruiz, the conversation was about the nature of the protest in each city and the challenges associated with them, but did not set any sort of specific course of action toward the protests or set a timeline for kicking them out.

At noon, about 100 Portlanders gathered in Pioneer Square in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street's eviction last night. Numerous people spoke about the meaning of the protest (including a man who led to the crowd in "the first song of the universe"—"OMMMMMM"), but protester Ejiria Walker was the most evocative. Tears streamed down Walker's face as she introduced herself as a nine-year Army veteran who now cannot afford healthcare for her young son. "I'm here to make sure no one else will have to cry," said Walker. The march took off down SW Broadway, peacefully singing and flanked by bike cops.

Ejiria Walker
  • Ejiria Walker