The union representing Portland Bureau of Transportation workers, Local 483, is taking a page from the Occupy playbook tomorrow morning: Along with We Are Oregon, Jobs with Justice and Occupy Portland, they aim to take over the Steel Bridge at 8am to protest planned job cuts at the city.

This will be the first big action since Occupy lost its physical camp in Portland. It will definitely be interesting to see how the movement can keep up momentum without the tent city.

Amid a citywide budget crunch projected for next year, PBOT is looking to slash $16 million. That could lead to 80 jobs being cut, says the union, at a time when the city, state, and country should instead be investing in repairing crumbling infrastructure. The Steel Bridge is some of the infrastructure in need of repairing—it's rated structurally deficient.

Labor unions nationwide have organized actions along with or in support of the Occupy movement. Just today, the SEIU talked about Occupy in its endorsement of Obama. In Portland, the AFL-CIO joined in planning a march last month.

Occupy Portland facilitator Kari Koch says the action should be nonviolent. "The general assembly agreement was that this action would be explicitly not violent and not include property destruction. Hopefully the police will know that and have a measured response," says Koch.

UPDATE: I thought we posted about this elsewhere, but in case we didn't, tomorrow is also a national day of action aiming to shut down major banks. A march begins at 11am in Waterfront Park.