Tonight's edition of the storytelling favorite Back Fence PDX (theme: "That's A Mouthful") is clean sold out of advance tickets, though people are encouraged to sign up for the door's wait list. Here's why you might want to: In addition to the roster of extraordinary citizens (a leg wrestler, Daria from "The Buzz," a former paratrooper, and someone who's lived in Ireland, Japan, Argentina, and Cape Cod), there's going to be a sisterly tale told in tandem by Shelley McLendon and Wendi McLendon-Covey. Now, Wendi is a draw in her own right, with unforgettable roles in Reno 911 and Bridesmaids (you know, the hilarious blonde one) under her belt, but Shelley is not one to be outshined by her older sis. Besides, she's been on TV too, you know (Portlandia), in addition to her work on the stage with the Liberators, Sweaty Sweat, Roadhouse, and more. It will be like your TV jumped onstage at your favorite local comedy night! And it will be awesome. You can see and earlier Back Fence story told by Shelley here, and you can watch how funny she is even without words right here in this clip of "14 or So Actors Having Really Strong Feelings About Some Stuff" from Director Dustin Rush:

Tonight! Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan, 7:30 (but be there at 7, whether or not you have reservations).