About 200 people are hollering and cheering under the big canopy outside Ankeny Plaza, starting to march toward downtown banks, the next phase in today's N17 day of action. According to the Oregonian's Twitter feed, the Chase branch on SW Yamhill has already done the protesters a favor, and locked itself down.

"That's great. They're shaking," one facilitator told a group of occupiers who plan to support anyone who wants to be arrested today.

The plan for the march isn't clear, but occupiers are trying to get one point across: "Do not condone property damage." Tactics instead will include congesting bank lines by flooding them with presumably happy customers, and also a good-old-fashioned sit-in. Occupiers also appear willing to sit in front of closed bank branches to keep them from reopening as long as possible.

Sarah Mirk just tweeted:

Big crowd at #n17pdx getting ready to march. Small teams deploying ahead to banks. 43 bike cops waiting. Ready to roll! #opdx

Meanwhile, it seems 25 people were arrested on the Steel Bridge, with the Salem Statesman Journal reporting that one of those arrested is the executive director of the influential Service Employees International Union.

The police presence so far has been light at Ankeny, dozens of bike officers and nary a tactical helmet to be seen. Yet. Police are warning protesters to stay on the sidewalk and obey traffic lights. Keep up to date on the latest by following myself and Sarah on Twitter. And don't forget to check Blogtown, too!