Um, guys? It's only my second day on Twitter and I've already won it. I tweeted with Sam Elliott (@thesamelliott, who tweets just like how he speaks) and arranged to have his namesake cocktail at the Old Gold. And it's all legally binding because it's on Twitter. Right? I'm a noob, but I think that's totally how it works. Please take a moment to imprint this beautiful exchange on your brain pan.


Then I smoothly twatted:



Okay, I may have lost my cool here.


Then Ezra and Todd Mecklam started hogging the conversation, so we didn't get a chance to set up a time, but I'm just going to head over to the Old Gold right now in case Sam's waiting for me. Hold my calls—I won't be leaving my barstool until he shows up. Please don't tell Steve or Erik about this drink date, they'd probably show up and hog Sam Elliott all night.