The first night of HUMP! 2011 is commencing in just a few hours, and I am horny/excited! If you're still blissfully in the dark about this hilariously fun amateur porn festival—even after my incessant trumpeting—read this week's feature which not only provides a quick 'n' dirty background on HUMP! but also funny synopses of this year's 23 filthy little films!

If you got tickets to both of tonight's sold out screenings of HUMP!, congrats! And just remember two things: You may be standing outside in line for awhile while they prepare the theater for opening, so bring yer rain gear! (But don't worry—there will be soothing, warming liquor/beer awaiting you inside!) Secondly, once you find your seat, DO NOT UNPOCKET THOSE CELL PHONES. We're intent on making sure HUMP! contestants are porn stars for a day, and not for the rest of their lives—so no clicky-clicky, or we smashy-smashy.

FINALLY, there are still tickets left for the newly added Saturday, November 19, 2 pm screening hosted by (EEEE!) Dan Savage who will also be doing a "Savage Love Live!" Q&A session before the show! This is going to be SUPER FUN, so you Savage fans should definitely turn out for this rare event. GET THOSE TICKETS HERE AND NOW!

And I'll see the rest of you tonight for some heavy duty HUMP'in!