I'm still a tad aghast he didn't mention this earlier, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since our Denis is a toughie. Anyway CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT: During Sunday's Occupy Portland march on Main Street after Chapman Square was cleared, Mercury News Editor Denis Theriault (seen wearing the black ski cap with the red Mercury business card sticking in the brim and a green Army jacket) was unceremoniously knocked on his ass by a police officer wielding a baton. For cops preaching non-violence, this seems... ummm... kind of violent? Judge for yourself! (Forgive the overly dramatic music... it's an Occupy Portland video.)

Denis says he was jostled by an Occupier, and was trying to steady himself when the officer knocked him down. When Denis asked the officer why he did the shoving, the cop told him, "You were trying to grab my stick." Obviously this is not true, since Denis is too busy Tweeting every Occupy and cop move to be grabbing any sticks. (Insert your own joke about that in the comments.)

(Confidential to the Shover: It's a very, very good thing you didn't hurt our Denis, Shovey McCopperson. I'm kind of a vindictive person.)