• Richard Thompson,

The newest arrow in the Chefstable quiver, a bar called Interurban (named for the old trains that ran up and down Mississippi), is having a soft opening tonight. The collaboration between Eater's "Empire Builder Of The Year" Kurt Huffman, John Gorham of Toro Bravo/Tasty & Sons, and Dan Hart of Prost are setting up in the former Lovely Hula Hands space on at 4057 N Mississippi Ave. It's definitely more focused on the beverage end than Gorham's other properties, but if those restaurants are any indication, I imagine his take on "grown up" bar food will be reason enough to stop by. Tasty N Sons bartender Jeremy Mielen will be handling the spirits, and there will be 12 beers and five wines on tap.

I always liked that space—even back when it was just a hollow shell of a building, before Lovely Hula Hands took on the renovation—and from the look of it, the Interurban crew have done a nice job. Tonight, from 6pm to 3am, they're having an open house (with free food). The rest of the weekend will be friends and family only until 9pm, then open to the hordes the rest of the evening. The official, grand, no-longer-soft opening will be December 1, at which point they'll be open from 4pm to 2am, seven days a week.