WOOT! As of last night, HUMP! (America's most adorable amateur porn fest) is off and running—and for those attending tonight's screenings, be sure to bring your raingear for the line-up outside (we'll get you in asap, promise)! And since we don't want anyone to be left out, here's my very last (again I promise) call out for you to get HUMP! tickets!

The only show with tickets left is the just added 2 pm Saturday November 19 show—which features special guest host Dan Savage (EEEEEE!) doing a special pre-HUMP "Savage Love Live"! (EEEEEEE!!!) That's right, Dan Savage will take your most ponderous sexual questions, and offer sage non-humiliating advice live onstage, followed by a squeeeelarious screening of HUMP! 2011.

This is a one-time deal, and as of right now, there are only just about 100 tickets left, so get yours NOW and HERE! And while the following Barney video wasn't submitted for HUMP!, there is some absolutely filthy SFW shenanigans going on here!