Hello, friends. Big week for some beloved network shows! Let’s get into it.


Last night’s episode was about filming a new TV commercial for Greendale Community College. (The old ad, filmed in the early 90s, was a great, shitty mash-up of the Blossom and Clarissa Explains it All intros. I liked them.) Dean gets way into filming the new spot, and casts the study group because of their diversity, “Hispanics notwithstanding.”

The commercial shoot evolves into an over-budget production that looks more and more like a Gwar video. The dean hilariously melts down over and over again, and gets in the best line of the night when Troy and Britta keep fucking up their hug: “If you get this wrong one more time, I’m segregating the school!” I lol’ed. Then Luis Guzman shows up—because why not.

Meanwhile, Abed captures the maniacal process in his own documentary, and Hearts of Darkness is mentioned like five times.

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The meta-ness of that episode is a great example of why NBC and the stupid public cannot figure out this show. Yeah, it’s fucking weird, but that is why it is great. How many sitcoms are legit unpredictable? Just this one. And we need it our weird shows because they make other shows take chances. Remember how weird Arrested Development seemed when it came out, with the absence of a laugh track and hand-held cameras? Now tons of shows do that. I will quote my own reaction to learning that the show was indefinitely shelved: “People are dumb.”

Parks and Recreation

I hate to say this guys, but I am a teensy bit annoyed with this week’s episode. I really believed that after last week, we’d get a few episodes of bureaucratic office humor without too much interpersonal drama. Boy was I wrong.

Leslie and Ben are working on making the smallest park in Indiana, which should be a speedy process. Ben is all “This is the last project we can do together because working together makes me ;(" so Leslie decides to make it take forever. But both Ben and Ann call Leslie out on her steamrolling, selfish behavior, and she finally realizes how unfair she can be. She apologizes to Ben, and again, there is a good opportunity to give their love affair a rest, but instead: THEY KISS!

In an instant, I completely changed my view from wanting to get away from relationshippy things to fucking loving it again. They're so cute! Squee! What do the rest of you think, though? Did you want a little less Leslie/Ben, or are you into it? Or both, like me?

Also in this episode: Tom and Jerry adorably team up to work on fonts (Jerry would like comic sans, wouldn’t he) and April and Ron held Andy get into a college class. We learn that Andy is one of the only people that Ron doesn’t actively root against, and while I don’t get that, this was a cute B story. Ron’s suggestion that the guitar teacher go brunette is the smoothest fucking Swanson pickup line ever. And Andy being a well-intentioned d-bag in a women’s studies class gave me flashbacks to freshman year at U of O.

Whatever. Leslie and Ben are clearly going to be the big thing for the rest of this season. I love that but hope the writers don’t make us sick of it. I am a BL fangirl and I’m apprehensive.

The Office

What happened to James Spader? Didn't he used to be cute? Robert California gets some good lines, though.


I cannot believe this fucking show is still on television. Community is off and Whitney stays on. Fuck this place.