I keep listening to Turf War's debut album, Years of Living Dangerously, over and over again without really meaning to. I think I got addicted to it. And for good reason: It's a terrific, hooky record that gets by on attitude more than anything else; the word that invariably comes up in Turf War's press releases is "rowdy." Rowdy, yes, but but it certainly doesn't sound sloppy—these songs are tight little kernels of rock 'n' roll that urge you to, quick, learn the melody and memorize the words so you can sing along already. The Atlanta band—and, yeah, I suppose that press picture isn't gonna do them any favors—cuts right down to the bone of what makes music fun. I find myself referring to the Replacements when I've mentioned Turf War to friends.


Turf War - "For the Last Time"

So, yeah, you should probably listen to Turf War. Here's the first track on Years of Living Dangerously, and if this grabs you, I'm certain you'll love the rest of the album. Ian St. Pé of Black Lips produced it, but Turf War don't share Black Lips' drugged-out, seamier qualities. Rather, they get by on pure youthful exuberance. Their music feels the way a good beer buzz felt when you were a teenager. I have to say I love it.

Turf War don't have any West Coast dates scheduled yet, but don't expect a band like this to be contained to the South for much longer.

End Hits: Years of Johnny Dangerously.