Occupation Station: At UC Davis, cops pepper spray peaceful sitting Occupiers, Occupy Los Angeles files a restraining order against the police, and Occupy Portland members are kicked out of a foreclosed house. Whew.

Like Father..: Libyan officials say they captured the elusive son of Moammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam.

There Goes Winter Break: Despite protest, Swiss officials cement a ban on nude hiking in the Alps.

Missing the Point: The FDA revokes license for successful breast cancer superdrug, Avastin. Doesn't go over well.

Taxonomy of Trendy: NPR zooms in on the odd and ironic persona that is the hipster.

Whoops: A grand jury indicts Dane Reister—the Portland officer who mistakenly loaded his beanbag shotgun with live ammo and then shot a man this summer.

Come Again? Funny or Die's political "bad lip reading" takes on the Ron dawg.