Sarah Mirk here. I just called our news editor, Denis Theriault, who is on the scene at the Occupy Version 2 under way in the South Park Blocks.
"Denis! What's going on? I can't really tell from Twitter," I said.
"What's going on?" he replied. "Well, Mike Bluehair is having an underwear dance party on a rock."

Sounds like the scene on the park has quieted down. There are about 30 people hanging out, playing music and reading books from the Occupy Library, which has set up a bookshelf at the site. Roughly four bike cops are milling around, according to Denis, and the mood in the park clearly does not feel tense at all.

Some of the group is planning to stay in the South Park Blocks and attempt to sleep their overnight—police say they have to be out by midnight. We'll see if any of the crew sticks around till then.

UPDATE 9:52—
The occupation of the PSU Blocks continues, and @theriaultpdx is still on the scene. Denis reports that Portland Police has been taking down the tents, citing the "illegal structures" ordinance. Also present is National Lawyers Guild member Stu Sugarman who says this camp could act like the "Right to Dream 2" camp—no drunks, no criminals, with security. Sugarman also notes that an injunction to allow this camp could take place, since a precedent has been set in Boston. Coming up next: Park exclusions given to anyone who continues to set up tents. Stay tuned for updates, and check out on-the-scene pics from Denis after the jump.

It's Saturday morning, and Occupy Portland is already hard at work—today occupying the PSU Park Blocks. (Though it should be noted that this particular demonstration is not "General Assembly" approved.) Our Johnny-on-the-spot news editor Denis Theriault is (of course) there on the scene, and already tweeting the crap out of it.


Portland Police (most notably Captain Westbrook and Sergeant Hughes) is also on the scene, obviously none too pleased about the erection of tents.


Uh-oh. Considering the recent strained attitude among Portland police, will today bring more trouble? As always stick with Blogtown for the broad Occupy Portland strokes, and @theriaultpdx as well as @sarahmirk for up-to-the-second blow by blows!

9:06 am: Cops arrive on scene, start to issue citations.

9:30 am: Cops begin taking down tents. One tarp reads, We love the Police, and cops seem genuinely touched.
  • Denis Theriault
  • 9:30 am: Cops begin taking down tents. One tarp reads, "We love the Police," and cops seem genuinely touched.