Another detail about next weekend's Open for Business sale at the Cleaners (which I also previewed last week). Like so many things that happen in this city, the idea for the event was born as a byproduct of its organizers just hanging out. Alison Hawley, who first came onto the scene as one of the forces behind the bygone Frank James shop (along with prevalent stylist Victoria Mesenbrink), is launching her home-goods project, Nice Work, at the event, and Heather Sielaff is the woman behind cult fragrance line OLO.

So it wasn't long before the two also started kidding about collaborating on a room spray, and that quickly e-/de-volved into a bathroom specific spray that addressed Hawley's semi-OCD obsession with Pine-Sol. Originally they were going to call it "Number Two," but the product that did eventually become a reality (and will also make its limited edition appearance at OFB) got dialed back to the Frenchified "Deux." I had the opportunity to preview the scent over the weekend, which is indeed a fresh and very pine-y, cedar scent, elements that Sielaff points out "happens to be a great neutralizer." I ordinarily think of bathroom sprays as an unnecessary way of dumping more chemicals into your air intake, but this is a far cry from the aerosol cans lined up at Freddy's. It's one of those rare gift items that walks the line between thoughtful and jackass, which is just necessary for certain gift recipients. Like, say, the brother who proudly tricked you into checking out his most impressive contributions to the family toilet back in the day, for instance. Ahem.