Did you attend HUMP! 2011 over the weekend? (I know at least 5,500 of you did.) LET'S TALK ABOUT IT! We wanna hear your views about this year's lineup of amateur porny shorts... for example:

1) Which films did you vote for? (Categories: Best Humor, Best Sex, Best Kink, Best in Show! Also, we'll be announcing the actual winners as soon as we get all the votes counted!)

2) What would you like to see more or less of next year? (Remember, YOU make the films, we just pick the best of what you give us!)

3) Any other advice to next year's filmmakers?

4) Was there a great film that didn't fit into any category, and should be recognized?

For everybody who attended this year's HUMP! thanks a bunch, and stand by to see if your faves won!