At least once a week, I meet a Portlander from a different state. Granted, I fall within that category, but it's always wild how many folks come from so far away to be a part of the Portland experience. How many, you ask? Lucky for us, Forbes has made a fun interactive map showing how many people migrate to and out of a specific county and where they originate from or end up.

Since 2006, Multnomah County's inbound migration has outnumbered its outbounders — with transplants arriving from all 50 states (mostly the Northeast and, strangely, a large portion of Arizona). Not a big surprise.

The more interesting info is where Portland natives flee to. Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and North Carolina (and, again Arizona...what's with this trade route?) appear to be the reigning magnets for Portland locals who escape. What does this mean? I expect you to provide the answers.

Check out the entire map, split up by year, here.

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