I'm sure you get gushy thank you emails all the time, but holding my infant son, I had to write to you.

You saved my marriage and made these two beautiful little boys possible. They are smart, healthy and happy and living with two parents that love them (and each other) very much.

Several few years ago, stress and sucky jobs played havoc on my husband and me. He lost himself and had a stupid affair. My mom and sister were appalled, but because I'd been reading you since college, I knew that, even if it felt like it, it wasn't the end of world.

With recommitment and some therapy, we are happy. And we have these two incredible children.

Thank you!

Longtime Reader

Just kidding about that headline, LR. Thanks for the wonderful note and the amazing pictures. Sure beats a jar to the head. All the best to you and your boys—all three of 'em.