Heyyyyyyyyy. Did you watch The Walking Dead last night? Would you like to... you know... chitty-chat about it? Well, welcome to The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club, where we chitty and chat all about that! Hit the jump for my spoiler-filled thoughts or shoot your mouth off in the comments or don't do anything. It's your life, and I'll be damned if I'll tell you how to live it! (Seriously though, read my thoughts after the jump.)

Theres got to be a morning afterrrrrr!
  • via AMC, photo by Bob Mahoney
  • "There's got to be a morning afterrrrrr!"


Okay, so here's what I'm thinkin'...

1) During last night's episode, I got so freaking bored, at one point I blurted out: "GAWD! Enough with the Nietzche, and get with the eat-chee!" Which at the time I thought was incredibly clever... and now I'm not so sure.

2) Anyway, I am getting fed up to HERE (about yay high) with all the mopey-dopey meandering around this goddamn farm. If it weren't for the farm gal snapping the legs of live chickens (to feed to the Barn o' Zombies) I would've tossed the remote and found something better to do. Like... I don't know... probably masturbate, if I know me.

3) Let's see... who do I hate most this week? I still REALLY hate Blondie McMoperson and Grandpa Eyebrows, but I also now hate Wifey McRickerson, Hottie McGlennbonerson, and especially Farmer I'mNotaDoctorI'maVeterson.

4) I suppose the thing that pissed me off the most about this ep was the predictability of it all. OF COURSE a zombie show is gonna be "pro life." OF COURSE Glenn and Hottie are gonna get attacked at the pharmacy. OF COURSE Blondie is gonna get so caught up in shooting fake penises that she's gonna grab Shane's real penis.

5) The best parts? Zombie attacks, 'natch! (Although they seem to be getting fewer and farther between. GET OFF THAT BORING FARM, PLEASE!!) Also? I hope Shane actually does kill Grandpa Eyebrows. (Right after he grabs Shane's penis and they have sex.)

6) What did you think of this episode? Next week is The Walking Dead's "mid-season finale" which means no new zombies for Christmas. BOOOOOO!!!

Stop or Ill shoot you with Shanes penis! I MEAN... GUN!!!
  • via AMC, photo by Gene Page
  • "Stop or I'll shoot you with Shane's penis! I MEAN... GUN!!!"