Two pieces of Elliott Smith news cropped up recently, the first one being pleasant, and the second decidedly ickier. Let's start with the good news:

A new track was just discovered and unearthed; it's over at the Washington Post. The song's called "Misery Let Me Down" (Jesus, Elliott) and it's from a 1997 session at the University of Maryland's college radio station, WMUC. He recorded it before the official session actually began, and it's been unheard ever since.

The second bit of news is from the OC Weekly, and while it's not much more than hearsay at this point, it's a new report that indicates the LA coroner says Smith had fresh wounds on his hands and arm at the time of his death. This could mean two things: that he mishandled the knife before allegedly self-administering the wound that ended his life, or that they're defensive wounds—perhaps inflicted by someone else. Another piece of the puzzle to the weirdness of Smith's tragic death.

End Hits: And just like that? Day. Ruined.