Egypt Still Protesting: The situation in Egypt is changing by the minute, with the military agreeing to hand over power sooner than planned, three American students arrested, and a million person march planned.

Informer Intrigue: Was the informer on alleged NYC bomber Jose Pimentel a little too helpful?

Congress Fails Again: Americans disgusted but unsurprised by the congressional supercommittee's failure to agree on a deficit reduction deal.

UC Davis Apologizes: The university's chancellor says she "feels terrible" for police pepper spraying students.

In Other Pepper Spraying News: The pregnant Seattle protester who was pepper sprayed by police says she miscarried.

Bechdel Test: A study shows that only 32.8 percent of speaking characters in movies are women.

Let the Lying Begin! Mitt Romney releases his first TV ad attacking Obama and it distorts Obama's words to a (sort of) hilarious extent.

Papa Bieber: The pop star who's still not old enough to drink takes a paternity test.

Embrace the Awkwardness: GLAAD is encouraging LGBT folks to talk about their partners and families at Thanksgiving, even if it makes some relatives a little awkward.

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