—Calling all kids! Santa's back and ready to take your order—so this time? DON'T SCREW IT UP. Wait patiently. Speak clearly. Limit your order to five items or less. Smile for the camera. Control your need to urinate. And most importantly, BE POLITE. (Especially to the elves. Trust me, they can be vindictive.) WSH
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TWITARDBreaking Dawn, the only interesting Twilight book, gets the cinematic treatment. Edward bangs the ever-lovin' crap outta Bella, shattering their wedding bed with his jack-hammering vampire junk. Then we get to watch their evil fetus claw its way out of Bella's fragile human womb. No word yet if Breaking Dawn, Part 1 will get into teenage werewolf Jacob's all-consuming love for Bella's newborn baby. Fingers crossed! CF
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