The high cost of the all-out operation to evict Occupy Portland from three city parks the weekend before last is finally hitting the Portland Police Bureau's ledger. New emails obtained late today as part of an ongoing Mercury public records request shows the overtime bill for Occupy has now hit $1.29 million.

The overall number is still expected to bump north as more officers submit more overtime pay slips for processing—especially those officers who were working last Thursday, during Occupy's N17 Day of Action.

For weeks, the first day of Occupy, October 6, was the most expensive for the bureau. But now? That honor goes to the day of the eviction, Sunday, November 13. Some $330,396 in OT was paid to 655 officers.

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And, no, none of this includes straight time for officers on their regular shifts who have been diverted from other priorities. It's a good thing the bureau decided when it did to start letting occupiers police their own marches, something that worked well on Saturday and Sunday.

Hit the jump for the day-by-day chart.