I really, really liked The Catechism Cataclysm, which, at the time I wrote my review, was slated to only play for one night—tonight!—in Portland.

Thankfully, the Hollywood Theatre just added some more screenings of the film—it'll be playing every night at 9:30 from Friday November 24 through Thursday December 1, except for Tuesday November 29—and they offered to give one lucky Blogtown reader a pair of tickets to see the flick tonight at 7:30. Trust me, you wanna see this thing: It is hilarious and bewildering and fucked-up and weirdly sweet, and in part because opinions on it are gonna split like hell once the end credits roll—it does not have, shall we say, a conventional ending—it's... man. I don't even. You should just go!

And if you want to go for free, tonight, at 7:30, then you should try to score these tickets. Here's how: Email me no later than 2 pm today, November 22, and make sure the subject line of your email is "Judas Priest." I'll pick a winner at 2 and email them to let them know they've won and how to get the tickets. Have at!