There are almost as many opportunities to contribute to charities as there are incentives to shop right now, but if you, like me, have a special soft spot for rescue animals, there are (at least) two programs for you to consider.

1) A Bowlful of Heart is collecting donations for Hopes Haven and Newberg Animal Shelter. The wish list includes "dog food, small bites dog food, kitten food, cat litter (non-clumping), paper towels, bark mulch and cedar chips, bleach & Lysol for cleaning, monetary donations to help with spay, neuter, and other medical needs." Beginning Friday and running through December 22, you can drop off your donation at a number of area businesses (listed here), or email them to arrange pick-up drop-off.

2) Yesterday's shitstorm of rain combined with a leaky roof destroyed thousands of dollars worth of pet kibble at The Pongo Pet Food Bank, which other social services (Oregon Food Bank, Salvation Army, and Union Gospel Mission, to name a few) rely on to help their hungry clients' hungry pets get fed too. Pongo gets a big discount on their bulk purchases, so cash donations to help make up the deficit are the most effective. Just click the "donate now" button on their home page.

Noodles the senior Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua at Hopes Haven
  • Hopes Haven
  • Noodles the senior Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua at Hopes Haven