Portland quartet Early Hours celebrates the release of their new EP this week with a show at the White Eagle this Saturday. Another Story is a four-song collection recorded this past July at Portland's famed Jackpot Studios with Larry Crane; the record was mixed by John Askew at Scenic Burrows. It's quite an impressive release, with virtuosic musicianship in support of solid songwriting, and you can hear it in full over on Early Hours' web page, courtesy of Bandcamp. Early Hours contains members of Azul Yael, Sudden Anthem, Sugarcane, and Scout Niblett's band.

Here's the final song from Another Story, titled "Fallout," a near-seven minute journey that, to me, sounds like a welcome encapsulation of '70s radio into one single, handy track. I hear Bruce Springsteen (perhaps à la Manfred Mann), some Thin Lizzy, and maybe some ELO in the compressed backing vocals. It's the rare lengthy tune that doesn't outstay its welcome.

Early Hours w/Hunter Paye, the Free Ones; White Eagle, 836 N Russell, Sat Nov 26, 9:30 pm, $6

End Hits: '70s 4eva.