I enjoy your column very much. You do the nation a great service with your honesty and candor with anything to do with sex and sexual relationships. It has also led me to defend and support the LGBT community whether it be in a political platform or a drunken bar discussion. The LGBT community deserves rights, just like any other citizen. Period.

However, I must protest the views stated by Kate Bornstein in your most recent column. She states that because I am sex-positive, support the LBGT community and am a heterosexual that I am not straight. She even labels me "queer heterosexual."

She could not be more wrong; I am straight. It's hard enough to get people who are not gay to support the issues of LGBT, perhaps because they are afraid that someone will call them "faggot". It may seem shallow to you, but it is a cold reality. Then again, maybe you don't want their support. Or mine. I used to be as homophobic as the next guy. I grew out of it through knowledge, compassion and understanding. Labeling people with names they don't want has never been right. Tell Kate it's not OK just because she's on the other side of the issue.

Liberal And Straight

I think Kate was just saying, "You're one of us, part of our tribe," to FRAUD. But your point is well taken, LAS.