Happy T-bird, everybody! Let's take a moment to express gratitude about all the things we're grateful for. (Murmer, murmer, murmer.) Okay, now let's take a moment to get really pissed off about dumbshit drivers who don't know enough to trip a traffic light sensor.

To the incompetent drivers in the Milwaukie/11th + Powell intersection: I don't have an extra 15 minutes to wait behind you in the left turn lane every day. You're the moron who stops 10 feet behind the line and doesn't realize the light is connected to sensors. This causes a huge backup while your dumb ass waits around, scratching your head, confused as to why the arrow hasn't lit green yet.

And also? STOP CRAMMING INTO TWO LANES ON A THREE LANE HIGHWAY! If everyone would use all three lanes (and let the third lane people merge when they need to), traffic jams would be cut in half! And... and... sorry. I'm hogging this guy's rant light. Anyhoo, check out all the new additions to the I, Anonymous Blog, and merge your rant into the I, Anonymous lane as well!