A group of about 150 Occupy supporters marched through the hectic Lloyd Center (which was, remember, once the largest mall in America), chanting, "Don't buy! Occupy!" amid confused, bemused, and apathetic Black Friday shoppers. A farcical second protest involving five people dressed like billionaires also occupied Lloyd Center mall at the same time, cajoling shoppers to buy more stuff (and hurry!).

Lloyd Mall security have taken a rough hand to protesters in the past, but today they were completely hands off with the Occupation. The march met as a flash mob at about 3pm on the second level of the mall, then proceeded to march several times through the mall. Mall security watched the protest unfold, but didn't react—except for one mall cop who gamely walked in the middle of the group, grinning.

While many shoppers stopped to watch the protest and asked what it was about, others were entirely apathetic or told the protesters they didn't really care. Kind of a tough crowd.

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