Thee Oh Sees

Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore as you listen to the new album from recently ousted Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi. The album reportedly includes "love songs"—which we can only assume are songs about paying for love. That's amore!

The ringleader of the band in our section's lead article hails from the Bay Area and used to take a lot of acid. No, we're not talking about Jer-Bear—there can only be one Captain Trips, broheim—we're talking about Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer.
Thee Oh Sees - "The Dream" by rockedition

Russian Circles are neither Russian nor circular. Their music—exhibited on their new album Empros, streaming in full below—is a stunning blend of powerful dynamics and instrumental prowess, with incomprehensible song titles.

According to, "The term ‘pterodactyl’ is sometimes used for pterosaurs, particularly by journalists, with the implication being that the term is synonymous with pterosaur. In fact it isn’t: the term Pterodactyl—originally written ‘ptero-dactyle’—was first used for" a Brooklyn band that makes a tremendous, gasping thrash. (We changed the last part of that quote a little.)
Nerds by Pterodactyl by GIMMETINNITUS

Despite being from Canada, the Deep Dark Woods make classic American music. Yet another symptom of job outsourcing.
The Deep Dark Woods - West Side Street by Sugar Hill Records

Plus, a cornucopia of Up and Comings.