Still plowing through leftovers? Here are two tasty morsels from the Portland Police Association, courtesy of the eagle eyes over at Portland Copwatch, that may or may not help settle your stomach.

On Tuesday, three days after the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office announced incredibly rare criminal charges against Dane Reister—the cop who mistakenly loaded his beanbag shotgun with live ammo and then permanently wounded a mentally ill man this summer—the PPA opened an account to help Reister and his family pay for his legal bills.

Reister, the Oregonian reported, remains on paid leave before any trial, but has turned over his badge, gun, and ID now that charges have been filed.

This was an accident, not a criminal act. Dane acted in good faith, with the intent to preserve the safety of the community. The correct arena for this is the internal Portland Police Bureau review process, not in the Multnomah County Circuit Court system.

The PPA has opened the account with one of its advertisers, Advantis Credit Union. Which dovetails neatly with the other little nugget: A slightly stale Facebook poll by the union's monthly online publication, the Rap Sheet, on whether Occupy Portland campers should stay or go.

PPA boss Daryl Turner wrote this month that "enough is enough," a few weeks before the eviction. But the 31 poll respondents didn't back him up so much. Only 17 said "hell, yes, kick 'em out" (my suggested wording) while 14 said they could stay, either unilaterally or if they "are actually making a statement."