Wheee: NASA launches a "roving science lab" — powered entirely by plutonium — into space. Go, science, go!

No Soup for You: Following the Nov. 10 oil spill in Brazil, the country cuts off Chevron's drilling rights.

Head 'em Out: A little behind Occupy Oakland/Wall St/Portland's schedule, the mayor or Los Angeles announces a Monday eviction for the city's occupation, citing health issues.

Mall Rats: Occupy Portland takes over the Lloyd Center Mall on Black Friday, chanting "Don't Buy, Occupy!" Mall cops unamused.

Air Ball: NBA regroups on Black Friday to discuss resuming the season by Christmas. Maybe.

In Other Sporty News: Today's ye olde Civil War game at University of Oregon, marking it the 94th year of the beaver/duck dance off. This is what I call football.

Salad Spinner: A run-of-the-mill lettuce spill near Oregon City spurs a multi-car crash. Vegetables, why?

Secret Ingredient: Martha Stuarts cooks a turkey with ... pepper spray.

Muppet Madness: Animal as the Iron Madien album cover. Proceed with your day.