Normally that embed above would be a single video — maybe a kitten doing something adorable — but in this case it's an entire playist I compiled this morning that includes every single promotional video released for The King of Fighters XIII. See that light-grey square next to the resolution settings at the bottom of the clip? Click that and you can scroll through them all. Otherwise they'll play sequentially for the next 40 minutes.

Atlus published the SNK Playmore-developed game here in the States and as is their wont, the company has been blitzing my inbox over the past half-year with imagery and short vignettes featuring the game's 30 gorgeously-illustrated martial artists.

Usually these clips land in a gaming writer's inbox only to be met with cynicism and a quick trip to the Gmail archive, but given how impressive the game is — especially given the half-finished clusterfuck that was 2009's The King of Fighters XII — I felt that maybe these videos could better be used to actually promote the title to the general public.

If nothing else, you get a sense of just how good classic 2D animation can look on modern, high-definition gaming consoles.