OK, OK, OK...as a restaurant critic, it's rare that I get to mainline all the gloom-and-doom that other members of the media get so high on. This morning, I noted that it would be "a long while" before Interurban was up and running, but according to the Oregonian's Michael Russell, they may be able to open as soon as Dec. 1. The worst of the damage was done to the upstairs kitchen, and most of the bar area was untouched. By using Toro Bravo as a commissary kitchen, Gorham and co. will be able to serve a limited food menu until Interurban's own kitchen is up and running again. The upstairs is going to need a good deal of work, but by working on the building during the day, and opening up the downstairs at night, the owners can still take advantage of the momentum they've been building. All of this is still subject to inspection, but it sounds like Gorham, Huffman, and Hart will stop at nothing to get their new project off the ground.