Last weekend, some mysterious animal rights gang stole Fiona Petra 's rabbits from their cozy outdoor hutches. WHAT.

All they left behind was a short rather condescending note:

"I'm sure you care about your bunnies, but for whatever reason are unable to provide proper housing at this time. They will be given a roomy home indoors during this cold, wet weather. I'm sorry for the shock you may receive at finding your rabbits gone. Please try not to worry about them. I know you want the best for them — they will be well loved and taken care of. — The HALO League (Helping Animals Living Outside)"

Now, for some background. Petra says that the pair of rabbits (Old Money and Truly) lived in separate hand crafted hutches outdoors, equipped with multiple insulated rooms and nooks and a study lock to keep raccoons away. She decided to keep them outside after last winter, when they lived indoors and developed respiratory problems. Also, after extensive research, she learned rabbits are well suited for the outdoors, especially cold weather.

Insulted and upset after the weekend's rabbit-snatching, Petra called around to other local animal rights groups to see if they knew anything about HALO. None of them had heard of the group. Additionally, they agreed that this tactic was a bit ridiculous.

"It's about as revolutionary as tagging a bathroom stall," says Petra. "It really gives animal activists a bad name."


Truly and Old Money, in better days
  • Fiona Petra
  • Truly and Old Money, in better days

The most disturbing part, to Petra, is that it is impossible to see the hutches from the street. The culprit, she guesses, must either be a neighbor or — worse — a backyard-creepin' stranger.

This robbery harks back to a 2010 chickennapping by Reed students upset by a chicken slaughtering class. In this case, however, the thieves actually nabbed the right animal.

Petra is in the process of moving to a more spacious spot in North Portland with a warm barn and more outdoor space for her bunny pair. That is, if she still has them. If you have any info on the rabbitnapping, contact Petra at