...can be yours! To smell like! Bookriot has an interview with perfurmer Christopher Brosius, who created a scent called In the Library. He describes the shop where he found the book he used as inspiration for the perfume:

The whole shop smelled amazing. The book itself had such a wonderful smell, very papery and slightly sweet from the cellulose. It was old and musty and obviously since [the book] was in an English library for who knows how long, it was damp and musty. It was also sort of clear that whoever owned the library smoked a pipe pretty heavily. So when I got back to New York I sent it to a lab for analysis.

There’s a technique used in the fragrance business to begin to understand an odor. It’s called headspace. Headspace is when the air around an object is captured and analyzed, because that’s what the nose is recognizing. That was the foundation of that English novel smell — the base of In the Library.

So, spray it on your Kindle and we're good, yeah?