The #1 complaint about the otherwise-beloved annual productions of Trek in the Park is that the show is just too popular for Woodlawn Park: When people have to get to your show three hours in advance to secure a decent seat, maybe it's time to find a new venue. And so they have: Atomic Arts has just announced that their next show, Trek in the Park: Journey to Babel, will be held at Cathedral Park:

Due to filling our beloved Woodlawn Park to over-capacity over the course of the last 3 years, we began a search for a new location to continue our 5-year mission.

But it had to be the right park. It had to feel right for the show, something that would inspire and energize us as we prepare the awesome Enterprise potboiler, Journey to Babel.

Within minutes of walking the stage and grounds, we knew we found the perfect place at Cathedral Park. It’s amphitheater on the corner of N Crawford and N Pittsburgh has plenty of room for families and groups to set up a comfortable space on the grass for themselves and enjoy the show, and the incredibly well designed park under the St. Johns bridge makes for a beautiful scenic day during our summer weekends.

That's gonna run Saturdays and Sundays, August 4-26, and we can all finally quit our whining about how they need a new space.