I know, there are boring but important things going on in the world. But I have some exciting news about my favorite food, bagels! If I were to spend office time making a pie chart of the food I eat, it would look like this:


So clearly, any news about bagels is big news. And this is good news, too: Next week, local natural bread maker/prison-to-work program Dave's Killer Bread will be unveiling a line of bagels! The "Good Seed Halos" will be sold in grocery stores, like other Dave's Killer Bread products. The bagels were test marketed at the Portland Farmers' Market over the summer. I haven't tried them yet, but they will be seedy. Here's a photo, if you want to look at some bagels on the internet. Did anyone try these at the Farmers' Market over the summer? It's hard to find a quality bagel in this town (Tastebud?), so fingers crossed for these being not too squishy, not too chewy, and not too hard.

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