Holy crap! On the one day I decide to post some Portland bagel news, it turns out the world is bursting with Portland bagel news bites.

As Dave's Killer Bread is muscling its way into the local bagel market, beloved Kettleman's bagels just got bought out of it. The Colorado-based group that owns Einstein's Bros. and Noah's Bagels announced today that they're gobbling up Kettleman's.

Kettleman's stores will die, in name. They will be rebranded as Noah's and Einsteins. Tasty ol' Kettleman's was run by Jeffrey Wang, a Korean Taiwanese immigrant who came to Portland via New York, spotted a gaping hole in Portland's kosher bagel market, and scrounged the capital to start his bagel business in 2006. The company today employs 100 people, produces 12,000 bagels a day, and, in my humble opinion, makes much better bagels than Noah's.

It's unclear whether the recipe for Kettleman's bagels is going away, along with the name—it's possible they could still continue selling Kettleman's bagels under the Noah's name. Don't worry, I'm calling the Kettleman's about this RIGHT NOW.