The first-ever Underbelly Bender kicked off last Friday—one down, six more to go. There's a full, festive month of shows ahead (remaining schedule after the jump) but in the meantime, Underbelly Bendermeister Bim Ditson (of And And And) has prepared a mix of all the bands that are playing the fest. It's available over at Into the Woods' site, both streaming and available for download as one big ol' MP3. So get on over and start listening.

End Hits: Putting things into your earhole, 14 bands at a time.


12/1 Matador - Animal Eyes, Youth, And And And (FREE)
12/3 Spare Room - Hollywood Tans, Hounds Tooth, And And And (FREE)
12/10 Slabtown - Father Figure, Support Force, And And And ($3-5)
12/16 Langano Lounge - My Autumn's Done Come, Yours, And And And (FREE)
12/23 The Know - BOOM, The No Tomorrow Boys, And And And ($3-5)
12/31 Kenton Club - Blood Beach, And And And, This Charming Man (FREE)

Underbelly Bender Mix Tracklist
The No Tomorrow Boys - "(Do The) No Tomorrow Twist"
Houndstooth - "Beach Bummer"
Support Force - "Tense in the Water"
Blood Beach - "Corpsepaint"
Hollywood Tans - "Wish I Could Love"
Yours - "Eyeland"
Your Rival - "My Canary (Was Sure to Run)"
Animal Eyes - "Goat Chasing"
My Autumn’s Done Come - "Guillotine"
And And And - "Get Lost"
Youth - "Into the Bay"
Death Songs - "Ophelia"
Boom! - "Talk Alotta"
Father Figure - "Reverie"