So, it's holiday season, and there's all this pressure to shop, and furthermore you're supposed to shop locally and ethically. This can get expensive. Luckily, before it filled up with awesome, forward thinking boutiques (awesome, but typically involving a little saving), the backbone of Portland's independent apparel scene was its abundance of treasure filled vintage stores, and even as shops selling new items continue to proliferate, that scene continues to expand. Case in point in the freshly opened Reunion, a bitty little spot snuggled beside Discourage Records on SE 18th and Morrison. It may be small and off the beaten path, but a glance at the selection reveals a wealth of treasures priced to move. Some people can get a little icked out (still, amazingly) by the idea of giving or getting vintage clothing as gifts, but if you stick to things that are particularly unique, in good condition, and on the opposite spectrum from intimates like swimwear, you should be fine. Are you really going to find a hat like this at Urban Outfitters? (Well, maybe, but it would be a knockoff piece of shit.)

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